Our comprehensive structural steel detailing services will beat pricing from any competitor with excellent quality of work.

PMI has been a leading provider of comprehensive steel detailing solutions for over a decade, serving clients ranging from fabricators, contractors, and designers to structural engineers. Utilizing the latest technology and software, PMI produces up-to-date and accurate drawings, ultimately saving clients time and money during construction. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service and exceeding expectations

Advanced Steel Detailing Process

  1. Data input with SDS2 / Revit
  2. Initial model review
  3. Conversion to deliverable plans
  4. Secondary review
  5. Submission of drawings for approval
  6. Paper review during the approval waiting period
  7. The final package, including approval and quality control, is dispatched
  8. Final review and quality control check

Steel Detailing Services/Capabilities

Markets that Benefit from Steel Detailing Services

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Power and Utilities
  • Refineries
  • Sporting Event Centers
  • Commercial Structures
  • Multi-residential Structures
  • Bridge Construction
  • Aerospace and Airports
  • Automotive Manufacturing

Expert Steel Detailers

At PMI, we take pride in our team of experienced steel detailers, each with a minimum of seven years of hands-on experience. Our detailers are constantly honing their skills and learning new techniques. We believe that the quality of our work is directly tied to the caliber of individuals we employ. Our detailers are proficient in the latest software and are equipped to offer cost and time-saving suggestions to construction processes.

Technology & Software

Why Choose PMI for your Steel Detailing Needs

Steel Detailing services play a crucial role in pre-installation structure analysis and project preparation. With its high degree of accuracy, it leads to the creation of a higher quality steel structure while reducing the overall time and cost of the project.

  • Speed up your project timeline by enabling fabricators, contractors, and designers to collaborate with engineers at an earlier stage.

  • Detect errors more efficiently before final documents are produced, minimizing the need for change orders.

  • Commence work ahead of finalizing contracts, potentially saving several weeks in your schedule.

  • This will also make the initial phase ready for fabrication before engaging fabricators.

  • Minimize costs for steel, fabrication, and reduce time wastage.

Steel Detailing Applications

  • Foundation Structures
  • Industrial Structures
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Towers
  • Modular Structures

Featured Project: University Retrofit

Steel Detailing Construction with University of Michigan

The University of Michigan recently embarked on a project to remove outdated infrastructure, and as part of this, a 3-story boiler was removed from one of the campus buildings. This resulted in a significant void in the structure that needed to be filled to provide walkable floors for storage and new energy options. To achieve this, new concrete and steel beams needed to be added to the structure. PMI was entrusted with the task of providing steel detailing drawings for the construction engineers. The technical drawings were produced using a combination of existing blueprints, FARO Laser Scanner data captured using point cloud technology, Faro WebShare, and SDS2...

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 Steel Detailing Media from SDS2

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