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PMI's lean manufacturing consulting services are the ideal solution for any organization that seeks to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with you to identify areas of inefficiency, streamline processes and increase output. With over 30 years of experience in using Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

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Our Lean Manufacturing Consulting Services Include

Our Experts

At PMI, our team of experts has a wealth of experience in providing Lean Manufacturing Consulting services. With over 30 years of experience in implementing Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques, we have been able to serve a wide range of markets effectively. Our team of experts can help you with a variety of services, including:

  • Carefully selecting the most appropriate techniques based on your specific problem statement
  • Applying the best methods for your specific industry type
  • Providing detailed optimization recommendations and reports to help improve your production processes.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a concept that’s purpose is to eliminate waste while also maximizing productivity. Waste is anything that does not add value to the process including time. Lean production assists in reducing waste and increasing productivity.

How can Production Time Studies assist in Lean Manufacturing?

By identifying a manufacturing process and its steps, areas of waste are more easily identified. Production time studies help collect data on inventory, processing, transport, motion, and other factors that can be altered to reduce waste, allowing for better efficiency in production with the use of lean manufacturing tools.

What is 5S?

This is a lean methodology that uses five steps to organize the workplace in a more efficient way; sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. 5S is a simple yet effective way to create an organized, clean, and safe work environment, it is a foundation of Lean manufacturing as it helps in reducing waste, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity by eliminating the time wasted in looking for tools and equipment.

Sort: Remove unnecessary items from the work area and organize the remaining items in a logical and easy-to-find location.

Set in Order: Arrange items in a way that makes it easy to find and use them, and that promotes a smooth flow of work.

Shine: Clean the work area and equipment regularly to maintain a high level of hygiene and to identify any potential problems.

Standardize: Establish procedures and guidelines for maintaining the order and cleanliness of the work area, and for using equipment and tools.

Sustain: Continuously monitor the work area to ensure that it remains organized, clean, and safe, and make any necessary adjustments to maintain these conditions.

MUDA: Waste  -  MURA: Irregularity  -  MURI: Overburden

In Lean Manufacturing these Japanese concepts were pioneered by Toyota and top engineering experts to conduct such activities as production time studies, losses identification, value-added analyses, and non-value-added analyses.

Muda is the Japanese word for waste. In businesses, manufacturing, and production there are 8 types of waste:

  1. Transportation
  2. Inventory
  3. Motion
  4. Waiting
  5. Processing
  6. Overproduction
  7. Defects
  8. Underutilized Workers

Mura means unevenness or variation, referring to inconsistencies and inefficiencies that can lead to variations in production. 

Muri, or overburden, is putting too much strain on production, both people and machines.

It is important to identify Muda, Mura, and Muri in order to eliminate waste in business processes. Identifying the Mura (variation) and the Muri (overburden) works to eliminating Muda (waste), increasing efficiency and production.


Industries that Benefit from Lean Manufacturing Consulting Services

Automotive Manufacturing
Warehouse and Logistics
Industrial Manufacturing
Food and Beverage
Healthcare and Hospitals
Logistics & Supply Chain
Energy and Utilities
Renewables, Oil, and Gas

Related Service: Time & Motion Studies

At PMI, we offer consulting services that are tailored to improve the productivity and efficiency of your production and business processes. Our team of experienced consultants will conduct a thorough examination of the duration and actions involved in specific tasks, breaking them down into their components, and measuring the time it takes to complete each one. We will also observe the worker's movements to pinpoint areas of inefficiency. Based on our findings, we will provide you with detailed recommendations on how to streamline your process and increase productivity while minimizing wasted time, activities, and processes.

 Industrial Engineering Training

PMI offers a variety of Industrial Engineering training courses. From Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing Techniques, 8S Core Courses, and beyond, PMI can help you enhance your organization's manufacturing capabilities and drive operational excellence with our comprehensive courses.


Expertise: Specialized knowledge and experience in industrial engineering provide your employees with the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Tailored Solutions: Conduct an analysis of your organization's operations and provide tailored training solutions. This can help your organization to achieve its unique goals and objectives.

Implementation Support: Training alone is not enough! We can provide support in implementation which will ensure that learned techniques drive effective changes.

Long-term benefits: Implementing industrial engineering solutions can lead to improvements in productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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