Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste with PMI's Time and Motion Study Consultancy Services

Our time and motion study consulting services are designed to improve the efficiency of your production and business processes.

PMI's experienced consultants will examine the duration and actions of specific tasks, breaking them down into their components and measuring the time it takes to complete each one. We can also observe the worker's movements to pinpoint areas of inefficiency. We provide detailed recommendations on how to streamline the process and increase productivity, minimizing waste.

Our time and motion study services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your organization reaches peak performance.

Our Time and Motion Study Services Include

Our Experts

PMI is a certified applicator of PMTS techniques (Predetermined Motion Time Standards), giving us the ability to serve various markets. With vast experience executing projects across a wide spectrum of cycle times (0.3 sec to 23 hours), we can confidently target and address your specific goals.

  • Hands-on experience in the implementation of PMTS Work Measurement Techniques
  • Successfully completed 250+ projects using PMTS techniques
  • Team of domain experts and trained professionals with a total experience of 75+ man-years
  • Global industrial exposure spread across India, USA, Mexico, Europe, and beyond
  • 80% of customers continued business with PMI

PMI Delivers:

  • Applying the appropriate technique with respect to your  problem statement
  • Apply best methods with respect to your industry type
  • Provide time and motion optimization recommendations and reports

What is a Time & Motion Study?

A time and motion study is the study of time as it relates to human motion.  This study is commonly used for repetitive tasks performed by a fully trained average worker. Tasks are simplified into measurable steps, and the proper time is assigned to each movement according to the joint being moved to complete the motion. Industrial Engineers use Time and Motion Analysis to decompose work tasks into Value Added versus Non-Value-Added segments. Understanding these work segments enable the creation of efficient labor standards.

Work Measurement

How is work measured?

Work can be measured using the following work measurement techniques:

  • PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time Standards)
    • MOST
    • MTM-UAS
  • Work Sampling 
  • Production Study
  • Stopwatch Time Study

PMTS Techniques

PMTS uses Work Measurement to break down each element of work and the motion of a task. Each work element duration (in seconds) is referenced in the PMTS Database. The Industrial Engineer compiles these discrete movements & work elements to compute the total task duration or work content.

PMTS Methods

MODAPTS® - Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards
MTM® UAS - Methods Time Measurement – Universal Analysis System
MOST® - Maynard Operation Sequence Technique

How to Prepare for a Time and Motion Study

Firmly establish reasoning for the study to identify desired outcomes

  • What is the purpose of the study?

Choose what is to be measured

  • Determine which aspects are to be measured, important variables, and set boundaries
  • Ensure all applicable work content is captured
  • The more cycles recorded, the more accurate the study will be

Determine the best time to accurately capture data

  • When are the workers active?
  • Are there factors like vacations or inoperable machines that would cause a change in average performance?

Follow best practices for collecting data samples

  • Make sure collected data samples are unbiased according to work instructions
  • Ensure that data is collected consistently based on earlier determined parameters, preferably in a templated format

How to Conduct a Time and Motion Study

PMI Industrial Engineering Advantages & Benefits

  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Optimize and set standards for regular pace of work
  • Determine the best work methods of applications observed
  • Provides basic building blocks for process improvement & labor utilization

Industrial Engineering Training

PMI offers a variety of Industrial Engineering training courses. From Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing Techniques, 8S Core Courses, and beyond, PMI can help you enhance your organization's manufacturing capabilities and drive operational excellence with our comprehensive courses.

Expertise: Specialized knowledge and experience in industrial engineering provide your employees with the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Tailored Solutions: Conduct an analysis of your organization's operations and provide tailored training solutions. This can help your organization to achieve its unique goals and objectives.

Implementation Support: Training alone is not enough! We can provide support in implementation which will ensure that learned techniques drive effective changes.

Long-term benefits: Implementing industrial engineering solutions can lead to improvements in productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Time & Motion Media

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