Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes with PMI's Comprehensive Industrial Engineering Solutions.

PMI's industrial engineering consultants specialize in analyzing, designing, and implementing solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency, factory layout, and optimization.

Our services can help increase production to meet growing demand or increase the profitability of existing operations. We provide a comprehensive set of services including assessment, consulting, program management, software, and training to ensure the success of your organization's manufacturing productivity initiatives.

Our Industrial Engineering Consulting Services Include

PMI Industrial Engineering Advantages & Benefits

  • Process optimization: An industrial engineering consultancy can provide specialized knowledge and expertise in process optimization and manufacturing efficiency, allowing for increased production and cost savings.

  • Equipment utilization: Industrial engineering consultancies can provide assessments of equipment utilization and design, resulting in improved factory layouts and increased profitability.

  • Lean manufacturing: Industrial engineering consultancies can provide training and implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, such as Six Sigma and 8S Core Courses, to maximize productivity and efficiency in your operations.

  • Root cause analysis: An industrial engineering consultancy can provide expertise in root cause analysis and 8D methodology training, which can help your organization identify and solve problems more effectively.

  • Supply chain management: Industrial engineering consultancies can provide expertise in supply chain management and logistics, resulting in improved delivery times and reduced costs.

  • Workplace safety: Industrial engineering consultancies can provide assessments and solutions for workplace safety, resulting in a safer working environment and compliance with industry regulations.

  • Boost profits with improvement in productivity and reduction of waste

 Industrial Engineering Training

PMI offers a variety of Industrial Engineering training courses. From Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing Techniques, 8S Core Courses, and beyond, PMI can help you enhance your organization's manufacturing capabilities and drive operational excellence with our comprehensive courses.

Expertise: Specialized knowledge and experience in industrial engineering provide your employees with the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Tailored Solutions: Conduct an analysis of your organization's operations and provide tailored training solutions. This can help your organization to achieve its unique goals and objectives.

Implementation Support: Training alone is not enough! We can provide support in implementation which will ensure that learned techniques drive effective changes.

Long-term benefits: Implementing industrial engineering solutions can lead to improvements in productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Our Experts

With over 30 years of experience in industrial engineering services, PMI brings knowledge and expertise to your projects. We employ a highly qualified team of industrial engineers and simulation experts with experience in multiple industries. Let our qualified experts help meet your needs.


When researching industrial engineering consultancies, there are several factors you should consider before choosing who you want to work with.

Your goals are our focus

It is important to be sure the industrial engineering consulting firm you hire has your goals and vision in mind and can help you achieve those goals. The firm you hire should be able to build and expand upon your existing system, while also implementing new and improved technologies. This is one of the many reasons PMI has had a continuous positive relationship with its new and existing customers.

Skills & Qualifications

Qualifications play a vital role in how things will work out in the long run, and whether or not your projects will be a success. Take the time to examine the firm’s engineering solutions, track record, and tenure as an Industrial Engineering Consultancy.

Communication Process 

PMI’s experts are knowledgeable, friendly, and communicative. Any consulting firm you hire should be highly cooperative with you and your team. 

Experience & Success Rate

Experience is key when it comes to industrial engineering consulting. Look for a firm that has a proven track record of delivering successful projects and has experience in your specific industry or field. The firm's success rate and level of expertise will be key factors in determining the quality and effectiveness of its services.

Service Offerings

Consider the range of services offered by the consulting firm. Look for a firm that offers a comprehensive set of services that are tailored to your specific needs, including assessment, consulting, program management, software, and training.

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