Aligning Value Stream Mapping (VSM) with Real-time Data for Manufacturing Excellence in Automotive Industry

February 1, 2024

Aligning Value Stream Mapping (VSM) with Real-time Data for Manufacturing Excellence in Automotive Industry


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This case study delves into the journey of a diversified industrial group's Automotive Technology business unit, a global player in producing high-tech components for the automotive and machinery sectors. Focused on elevating its operational prowess, the company embarked on a mission to align Value Stream Mapping (VSM) with real-time data, creating an innovative approach to manufacturing optimization.

Key Points

  • 13 products VSM made by team with real time data with date wise bifurcation.
  • Interactive signs and data legends for data executed in VSM’s.
  • Introducing MACRO’s in VSM for effective data fetching.

Client's Challenge

  • Determination of flow of products being manufactured.
  • Reducing lead time by referring the VSM’s.
  • Refining and finetuning of existing VSM’s and making it more durable with respect to new database.
  • WIP optimization and ease of calculating WIP.

PMI's Approach

The study was organized in a 3-stage process:

  1. Data Collection – Downloading data received from client over the internet server.
  2. Estimation & Data Analysis – Understanding the existing VSM’s available and layouts. Revamping the existing VSM’s and making it more useable with new data available.
  3. (Software used for VSM preparation is Microsoft Visio).
  4. Results and Conclusion – Dashboards for future planning, fatigue reduction, improved productivity, improved manpower utilization, identification of NVA work content.

Involvement of Associates

  • PMI – 2 Engineers.w
  • Client – 1 Project Co-ordinator.

Data Collection:

  • Receiving data from client.
  • Interaction with client to understand process from existing data.

Data Analysis:

  • Preparation of updated VSM’s as required by client.
  • Removing absolute signs and information from VSM’s and adding new interactive information in VSM’s.
  • Date wise building of VSM by pulling the data from database with the help of MACROS for fetching the output data as per date and demand.

Results & Conclusion

After doing analysis and evaluation following results were obtained –

  1. Improved VSM’s are made with real time data.
  2. New VSM’s with new sign and data.

Before Value Stream Mapping

After Value Stream Mapping

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