January 31, 2024

Automotive Power and Free System


mbawankar |

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Power & Free Conveyor system

Congestion Analysis: Closed Loop Material Handling System

Key Points

  • Closed loop power & free(P&F) system
  • This P&F system transports:
    1.  Empty Hangers
    2. BIW
    3. CED Bodies
    4. Painted Bodies
  • Different production levels across five body shops
  • Staggered placement of body shops complicates the
    empty hanger distribution

Client's Challenge

  • Whether P&F conveyor is capable to meet required production volumes
  • If not, actions required to meet the target
  • Finished BIW Buffer requirements

PMI's Approach

  • Data analysis, 2D model building, verification & validation
  • Bottleneck Identification
  • "What If" experimentation to achieve set target
    1. Impact of Change in no. of Hangers
    2. Distribution of hangers on various junction points
    3. Buffer analysis

Findings & Recommendation

  • Facility was unable to meet target production volume
  • Distribution of hangers at various junctions played key role
  • Production volume also dependent on number of hangers
  • Reduce the number of empty hangers to meet the target
  • Distribution of empty hangers at various junction points
  • Number of empty hangers to be parked in different places
  • BIW Buffer size was estimated

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