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GIS captures, stores, analyzes, and presents data related to geographical locations and features to help users understand complex issues through maps, models, and simulations. PMI is a leading provider of GIS services, including data management, spatial analysis, and mapping. These services use cutting-edge technology to provide clients with accurate insights and are widely used in industries like urban planning, environmental management, and transportation. 

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Our Geospatial Information Systems Capabilities

PMI GIS Advantages & Benefits

  • Deliverables are provided quickly and at cost-effective rates  
  • Quality delivery executed per deadlines  
  • Manage overflow workload for on-time delivery  
  • Expand your team with our large resource pool  
  • Receive 24/7 support 
  • Reduction in overall operational costs 
  • Manage geographical data 
  • Accurately keep records and data history 

Digital Mapping & Navigation Solutions

Digital mapping is the process by which a collection of data is compiled and formatted to produce maps to provide solutions for navigation and traffic.

Disaster & Emergency Planning

Emergency and disaster planning involves a coordinated, co-operative process of preparing to match urgent needs with available resources. With geospatial services these plans are accurately recorded. 

Smart Cities & Community Development

GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS play pivotal roles in the implementation of Smart City activities ensuring accuracy of Digital Twins to represent real world scenarios. 

Traffic & Urban Planning

The increasing trend of urbanization, population, and number of registered vehicles on roads can cause traffic congestion problems which GIS can alleviate. 

Accident & Hotspot Analysis

GIS-based techniques have led to improved traffic accident analysis by employing spatial statistics. This enables engineers and researchers to account for trends and variations in hotspot locations. 

Telecom, Network, & IoT

GIS, geospatial data, and visualization and analyzing tools make it possible to develop an integrated system benefiting from real-time data collection and real-time monitoring provided by IoT.

Structural Asset Management & Maintenance

PMI combines powerful mapping and spatial analysis with a comprehensive system for organizing strategic asset information for utilities, energy, government, transportation, and other industries. 

Environmental Impact Analysis

Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) assessments are primarily guided by GIS solutions to ensure governing bodies and organizations monitor the impact of human activities have on environment and plan projects accordingly. Information provided with mapped layers and geospacial techniques present information visually with relevant data to inform decisions to comply with environmental legislation and reach intended goals.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Mapping agriculture & natural resources can help to manage, preserve, and restore natural resources. Farming and agriculture benefits from GIS for topography, irrigation, and production yield.

Surveying, Topography, & Siting

A topographic survey collects information about the land's natural and man-made characteristics, as well as its terrain. Buildings, fences, trees, and waterways are permanent structures that accurately define the ground and its boundaries. The elevation of the terrain is depicted by land contours and spot levels.

Geology & Geographic Features

Geologic mapping is a highly interpretive scientific process that can produce a range of map products for many different uses. Land management and land use planning benefits from geologic mapping, as well as waste repository siting.  Assessing ground-water quality and contamination risks, predicting earthquake, volcano, and landslide hazards, and characterizing energy and mineral resources and their extraction costs are also possible with geologic mapping. 

Our Experts

PMI’s partnership with PMC has provided digitization and data services globally for over 30 years. Our teams’ GIS Services and expertise allows for our customers to efficiently visualize and manage geographic data, providing effective solutions.  

Our GIS Partners

PMI is the authorized channel partner of Skymap Global for the USA, India, and the Middle East regions. Working together, we provide top-of-the-line GIS Services and GIS solutions to our clients.

What to expect when engaging a GIS Expert with PMI

Input Data Collection & Mapping: 

GIS data collection is primarily carried out by satellites, aircraft, or drone imagery, providing characteristics of a location and other attributes in a workable format. 
Data Analysis:

GIS analysis processes and methods help manage data and perform analysis that give a complete understanding of locations and surroundings which can be used for market research, risk management, demographic behavior, and consumer trends.

Data Processing and Conversion:

Geospatial data processing & conversion is the process of moving geospatial data from one format into another. More than half of the GIS projects today involve data conversion or migration from CAD to legacy GIS formats.

Data Updates:

Accurate data updates help to maintain and operate the base data. This exercise will ensure to avoid data duplication and data mismatch.

QA/QC Checklists:

QC can be performed in-process during production in the form of feedback. Early detection of errors and feedback are essential in successfully producing high-quality, cost-effective data.

Final Data Submission:

Final GIS Data submission occurs once all errors are rectified. 

GIS services involve information being captured and analyzed to be presented in a digestible way. GIS technology organizes spatial data visually and provides specific and important insights such as resource knowledge, demographic trends, and utility mapping information. These technologies also help capture crucial data, allowing for improved hazard and risk assessment, detection of changes and environmental monitoring, as well as general analysis. 

Industries that benefit from our GIS Services

Urban Planning
Smart Cities
Energy and Utilities
Renewables, Oil, and Gas
Major Transit Systems
Aerospace & Airports
Manufacturing Site Planning
Warehouse Site Planning
Healthcare and Hospitals
Logistics & Supply Chain

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