Elevating Operational Excellence in Electrical Insulator Manufacturing Industry

February 1, 2024

Elevating Operational Excellence in Electrical Insulator Manufacturing Industry


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This case study presents a deep exploration of a distinguished manufacturer and supplier specializing in a wide array of critical products, including cable connection systems, asset protection solutions, cable management innovations, electrical safety offerings, heat tracing systems, and more. Rooted in the vision to deliver cutting-edge products and solutions for energy infrastructure, the company embarked on a transformative journey to optimize its operations across various fronts. The study serves as a blueprint for manufacturers seeking to optimize their operations in the realm of energy infrastructure products. Through a strategic amalgamation of PMTS techniques, resource calculations, automation, and systematic NVA elimination, the company successfully elevated its operational excellence and realized its vision of providing top-tier solutions to the energy infrastructure sector.

Key Points

  • Work content measurement using PMTS techniques.
  • Work Distribution/Line Balancing for manpower utilization.
  • Resource calculations i.e., manpower as well as machines.
  • Improvement & suggestions for making existing system better.

Client's Challenge

  • Balancing of resources (Man and Machine) in three lines.
  • Improvement in manpower utilization.
  • Identify maximum capacity of stations and machine utilization.
  • Eliminates NVA from all areas.

PMI's Approach

  • Video shooting of all activities that are in scope of work.
  • Work content determination for all activities using MODAPTS technique of PMTS.
  • Work content finalization.
  • Manpower utilization calculation and balancing of activities for increase manpower utilization.

Data Collection:

  • On-site visit - Visiting Facility by PMI team for data collection.
  • Understanding Process - Understanding processes & data collection from client.
  • Video Shooting - Video shooting & observation of machine as well as manual activities.
  • Video Sharing - Sharing of videos with client

Data Analysis:

  • Client CFT team supported during data collection phase for better understanding of process flow.
  • Elemental details validation & all areas analysis discussed with client and finalized it. Some improvement points are given to client to increase plant productivity.

Improvement Points Table

Results & Conclusion

We have proposed three conditions to client to get manpower saving on different conditions. Which are mentioned in below

3 Different Conditions

Existing Layout

Existing Layout


Proposed Layout

Proposed Layout


Low Cost Automation-Dover Line:

Low Cost Automation-Dover Line

Low Cost Automation-Dover Line


Potential Improvements

Potential Improvements

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