Fostering Excellence in Tractor Manufacturing Industry by Enhancing Efficiency and Optimizing Resources

February 1, 2024

Fostering Excellence in Tractor Manufacturing Industry by Enhancing Efficiency and Optimizing Resources


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This case study provides a comprehensive exploration of a pioneering tractor manufacturer, heralded as India's premier and the world's largest tractor brand. Renowned for its exceptional quality and extensive tractor range, the company's commitment to excellence is at the forefront of their operational strategy. The study's initiation involves the meticulous measurement of work content for new tractor models, ingeniously utilizing the PMTS technique through DFA (Design for Assembly) drawings. The subsequent phases delve into work distribution, line balancing, and manpower utilization. Utilizing the power of the SAP software, the company estimates work content, ensuring precision in resource allocation and capacity calculations.

Key Points

  • Line balancing for 2.56 min takt with multi model scenario.

  • Bottleneck station identification.

  • Workstation design w.r.t existing layout and station wise line balancing.

  • Manpower requirement calculation w.r.t takt.
    Line balancing prepared with 85% utilization.

Client's Challenge

  • Reduction in manpower fatigue.
  • Dashboards for production planning as per demand.
  • Muda & Muri analysis for further improvement.
  • Identify true potential capacity of plant.
  • Low manpower utilization.

PMI's Approach

The study was organized in a 3-stage process:

  • Data Collection – DFA and current layout were taken from client thoroughly understood so as to understand the assembly process.
  • Estimation & Data Analysis – PMTS estimation, Line balancing with the help of work distribution and dashboard preparation.
  • Results and Conclusion – Work distribution/ line balancing w.r.t multi-model scenario and resource calculation.
  • Involvement of Associates
    PMI – 1 Project Manager, 2 Engineers.
    Client – 2 Project Co-ordinators.

Data Collection:

  • Existing layouts walk through and observations.
  • Understanding sequence of operations with the help of DFA
  • Drawings and Current layouts.
  • Meeting with the Process team.
  • Understanding the DFA drawing with plant team.

Data Analysis:

  • Preparation of elemental details using PMTS technique & validation by client.
  • Analysis (Work distribution/VA-NVA identification) for manpower calculation, optimum manpower utilization & identifying capacity.
  • Improvement & suggestions for fatigue reduction & making existing system better.

Results & Conclusion

After doing analysis and evaluation following results were obtained –

  • Manpower utilization of 85%.
  • Elemental details preparation for observed drawings using PMTS technique.
  • Verification of elemental details with process engineer and changes if any.
  • Work distribution/ line balancing w.r.t multi-model scenario.

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