Reality capture techniques provide the foundation for creating a Digital Twin.

Reality capture is performed by collecting digital data points via laser scanning, drone, and photogrammetry, to create a three-dimensional model of a structure, equipment, or even an entire community. After this is completed, you can then integrate process interactions and systems information. Using the latest software, PMI experts create a realistic and accurate 3D model for your project. Our Digital Twins Solutions aid a diverse client base and provide accurate and detailed data, helping achieve your goals:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Theoretical models
  • Manufacturing changeovers
  • Urban planning

Our Digital Twin Services in Reality Capture Include

Digital Twin Applications & Utilization Possibilities

Smart Cities
Industrial Manufacturing
Sports Venues
Entertainment Venues
K12 Schools

Advantages & Benefits

  • More accurately predict when equipment requires maintenance
  • Calculate “what-if” scenarios
  • Identify comprehensive scope of large projects, revealing potential blind spots
  • Use of virtual reality training and sales-oriented tours of facilities
  • Conscientious scheduling mitigates space closures during the capture process
  • Plan construction projects that create ideal team utilization and material usage

Software & Technologies

Our Experts

PMI's experts in Digital Twin, Reality Capture, and Simulation Modeling are committed to using the latest technologies to increase productivity for our clients. We use our 30+ years of experience to capture and interpret data, creating detailed Digital Twin models of real-life scenarios that can transform how we plan and design any environment. Join us in shaping a better future, where our environments are more efficient, safe, and sustainable for all.

Digital Twin Media

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