Use laser scanning technology for historic and retrofitted vessels

PMI has extensive experience in laser scanning ships of various sizes worldwide. Our team has overcome challenges such as security restrictions and last-minute schedules. With the retrofitting of tens of thousands of aging vessels, accessing limited spaces is a common issue. Even original drawings may not accurately reflect the current vessel's state. 3D laser scanning is a modern solution to these challenges, creating a detailed and accurate 3D model. Our high-speed laser scanners can quickly take tens of millions of measurements and scans are registered to provide consistent accuracy up to 3 mm over 10-meter distances.

Laser Scanning in the Marine Industry

Laser scanning can be used in the marine industry for various purposes, including:

  • Ship Surveying: Create accurate 3D models of ships, enabling ship owners and operators to make informed decisions about maintenance and repair work.
  • Port and Harbor Surveying: Create accurate 3D models of ports and harbors, providing essential information for navigation and infrastructure planning.
  • Dredging Operations: Monitor and measure the impact of dredging operations, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions about dredging strategies and activities.
  • Underwater Surveying: Create 3D models of underwater structures and features, providing essential information for navigation, infrastructure planning, and resource management.
  • Coastal Erosion Monitoring: Monitor and track coastal erosion, providing essential information for coastal management and coastal zone planning.

Historic Naval Architecture

The aim of using laser scanning to document historic sites and structures includes capturing the remarkable engineering marvels of historic wooden ships in naval history. These ships, designed and built by hand without the aid of computer technology or CAD software, deserve to have their legacy preserved through modern laser scanning techniques for historical documentation and digital preservation.


  • Scanning can occur during ship operation
  • Provides more comprehensive and precise measurements compared to manual measurements
  • Avoids the need for follow-up visits
  • Design work can be performed in the office using the 3D Point Cloud Model
  • Pre-fabrication of new or replacement pipe spools in the shop is made possible, lowering costs
  • Data enables an increased number of bolt-up tie-ins, reducing shipyard costs and downtime, and minimizing field welds

Project Highlights

December 13, 2023
Time and Motion Studies Explained
A time and motion study is the study of time as it relates to human motion. This study is commonly used for repetitive tasks performed by a fully trained average worker.

joydeep | December 13, 2023

joydeep |

December 13, 2023

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