Capacity Planning in “Build to Order” Sunglass Manufacturing Industry

January 31, 2024

Capacity Planning in “Build to Order” Sunglass Manufacturing Industry


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Capacity Planning in "Build to Order" Sunglass Manufacturing Industry

Key Points

  • Huge Variation in Product Mix - Build to Order
  • Large seasonal variation in Demand
  • Capacity Planning

Client's Challenge

  • N number of variations in the product as it is a Build to order (BTO)
  • Immense variations in cycle times due to changes in the property of lenses
  • Manual/Auto Operations operated individually or in batches
  • Wide variations in weekly demand throughout the year
  • Reduce order lead time to maintain the reputation of on-time delivery
  • Predict new shift patterns to meet future demand, if any

PMI's Approach

  • Data analysis, 2D model building, verification & validation
  • Analysed shift pattern and its effects on weekly throughput
  • Used MODAPTS to reduce Process lead time in manual operations
  • Integration of shipment schedule within the Model to study Order lead time

Findings & Recommendation

  • The study showed current shift pattern can not meet the future demand
  • Devised a new shift pattern to meet a future forecast for the next 5 years
  • Identified the maximum production limit beyond which capacity expansion is required

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