What is Warehouse Simulation?

Study of the proposed warehouse to check if it is capable of meeting the desired dispatch levels.


  1. Determine if proposed warehouse is capable of meeting desired dispatch levels
  2. Identify and alleviate bottlenecks(if any) before facility becomes operational
  3. Provide recommendations in the following sub-systems to meet target:
  • Receiving & Storage
  • Picking, Packing & Shipping


Study I – Warehouse Capacity Study

  • Deliverables:
    Storage capacity needed to support desired dispatch levels.
  • Determine capacity at which warehouse sub-systems(Receiving/Packing/Shipping) must function so that desired dispatch levels are achieved.


Study II – Warehouse Material Handling Study

1. Bottlenecks (if any) due to material flow traffic

2. Recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks

  • Re-routing of material flow
  • Layout changes to minimize congestion

3. Material Handling Equipment(MHE) Requirement


Study III – In-Plant Truck Traffic Study


1. Bottlenecks(if any) due to in-plant traffic in processing desired volume of trucks

2. Recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks



Captures system complexity effectively

  • The cumulative effect of losses due to downtime, rejections can be difficult to quantify by mathematical calculations
  • Analysis by simulation(used in this project) can capture this accurately

Test different ideas

  • The study helps compare the performance of different plans (Eg. Layout A vs Layout B)

Reduce risk

  • Minimize corrective actions to be taken after facility becomes operational
  • Thus, it is cost effective


  • The study provides lot of data to describe performance of the system
  • This can be leveraged to take informed decisions regarding plant productivity


  • To better understand bottleneck(s) present in the facility


  • Accurate selection of work measurement technique.
  • Unique way of data collection and estimate intricacy of store management area.
  • Hands on experience of execution and implementation of results.




Why Choose Us?


Use Case: Title



1Which work measurement technique used for Inhouse Store and Warehouse Area?
We can use various work measurement technique depending on the problem / objective, like PMTS technique, time study, production study, work sampling, past data study, etc.
2What type of warehouse sectors have you studied?
We have hands on experience in Automobile, service, pharmaceutical, food, electrical, renewable energy resources.
3Do you suggest any low-cost automation in warehouse area?
Yes, we suggest Low-cost automations with vendor contacts.
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