What is Material Flow Simulation?

Internal Material Flow Simulation

Detailed study of the Material Movement inside the Plant from Storage to Lineside and Back to Empty Storage

External Material Flow Simulation

Detailed study of the external trucks entering the plant


Internal Material Flow Simulation

Ensure on time delivery of Material at Lineside from the Warehouse (No production loss because of Material Unavailability at lineside) Know the Optimum Count of MHEs required to meet the target output Identify the High Traffic Congestion Aisles in the plant and take steps to minimize the Traffic on these Aisles

External Material Flow Simulation

Ensure minimum Turnaround time for External Trucks Identify the Optimum number of Truck Parking Locations & Dock Location required at the Plant Reduce the count of Trucks waiting outside the Plant because of unavailability of Parking Locations to 0


  • PMI has more than 15 years of experience in the field
  • Has successfully executed more than 30 projects for Material Flow Analysis
  • Has worked with different industries and understands how the material flow system works in different industries
  • PMI provides an easy to use interactive result files from simulation with Visual Charts and Graphs to understand the dynamics of the system

Offerings from this study

  • Simulation Model
  • Excel file used for simulation to collect and print results
  • With details about the Inputs, Assumptions, MHE Utilization, Station loss because of Stockouts if any, Re-order strategies etc.
  • Detailed PPT with the all major information of the project with detailed results for Base as well as What-If scenarios
  • Video of Simulation Model



Why Choose Us?


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1Can the client run the simulation model at their end?
Yes but only if the client has the required license of the simulation software. Software sales is not part of this study. Certain software has free viewer license which can be used by client
2Can this model be used in future for any changes in the inputs?
Yes. Depending on the type of change in the Data, updates in logic of the simulation model may be required which may not be possible to be implemented by client unless they have the experties to use the software?
3What kind of data is required in order to carry out such projects?
PFEP (Plan for every Part), MHE Details, Tugger Routes, AutoCAD Layout, Part Reorder strategies etc.
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