What is Work Measurement?

Work measurement is the application of techniques designed to establish the time for an average worker to carry out a specified manufacturing / assembly task at a defined level of performance. It is concerned with the length of time it takes to complete a work task assigned to a specific job.

How work is Measured?

  • Work can be measured using following work measurement techniques - 
  • Stopwatch Time Study 
  • Production Study​ 
  • Work Sampling  
  • PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time Standards) 

PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time System) is a technique for studying work methods –  

  • Work is divided into micro elements that are standard in any activity.  
  • These micro elements are represented by symbols.  
  • Predetermined values (Index Values) are then assigned to these symbols.  
  • Work Content / Time standard is arrived at by Arithmetic calculations.  
  • PMTS technique for work measurement has a Universal Approach, provides Adequate Accuracy, is Easy to Understand and Learn, provides Consistent Results, Encourages Method Development, and Improvement. 
  • Through PMTS technique timing can be obtained in advance. 

PMTS techniques:

  • MODAPTS® - Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards 
  • MTM® UAS - Methods Time Measurement – Universal Analysis System 
  • MOST® - Maynard Operation Sequence Technique 

 (PMI is the only company in India who are authorized to take up Consulting Projects, Training and Certification in MODAPTS®) 


  • Set standards for regular pace of work
  • Determine best method
  • Job costing with direct & indirect labour minutes
  • Basic building block for Process Improvement & Work Instructions


  • Application of various PMTS technique across wide spectrum of industry.
  • Vast experience of executing projects across wide spectrum of cycle time. (0.3 sec to 23 hours)
  • Selection of appropriate technique with respect to problem statement.
  • Practical knowledge of application of technique with respect to industry type.
  • Certified applicator for PMTS technique.




Why Choose Us?

  • Hands on experience on implementation of PMTS Work Measurement Techniques. 
  • Successfully completed 250+ projects using PMTS technique. 
  • Team of Domain experts, trained professionals, total experience of 75+ Man-years. 
  • Global industrial exposure spread across India, USA, China, Europe, etc. 
  • 80% of customers continued business with PMI. 


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1Which work measurement technique used in PMI?
PMI can use various work measurement technique depending on the problem / objective, like PMTS technique, time study, production study, work sampling, past data study, etc.
2Does PMTS work measurement technique includes fatigue factor?
PMTS work measurement technique does not include any fatigue factor / time, it gives normal time without allowances.
3For MOP (Measure of Performance) calculation, line balancing, & manpower calculation MOST technique is the only way out?
No, you can use any PMTS technique, stopwatch time study or video time study work measurement technique for calculation of MOP, manpower, & line balancing. MOST is one of the work measurement techniques in PMTS.
4If cycle time / TAKT time in seconds which technique, should we used?
Can go for PMTS technique probably MTM, MODAPTS, Mini MOST, etc.
5If cycle time / TAKT time in minutes which technique, should we used?
Can go for any PMTS technique probably MTM, MODAPTS, Basic MOST, etc.
6What is the difference between time study & PMTS technique?
Time study – Not method sensitive, stopwatch required, focus on time, perception basis due to performance rating. Whereas PMTS Technique – Method sensitive, stop watch not used, focus on method / process, performance rating not required.
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