January 31, 2024

Automotive Component Facility Study


mbawankar |


Throughput Validation & Transportation Study

Key Points

  • Validate JIT Process
  • Analyze Truck Delivery System
  • Plant to Plant Logistic Analysis

Client's Challenge

  • Evaluate system capability to support Client's Broadcast and JIT consumption
  • To Decide number of Trucks, Truck Density and Delivery time
  • Tipping point of increasing number of Trucks vs. decreasing Truck Density in order to meet JIT consumption

PMI's Approach

  • Analysis of Data and Verification of Baseline Model
  • Sensitivity analysis on number of Trucks
  • Quantify Impact of Broadcast Repair time on System
  • Buffer recovery time analysis
  • Lead times analysis

Findings & Recommendation

  • AS-RS System is not required
  • Identified circumstances that can cause the client's buffer go
    below minimum level
  • Recommendation
    • Permissible maximum Down "Time" on production
      system without affecting the throughput
    • Number of truck drivers for various scenarios
    • Truck density to meet the expected Throughput

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