Capacity Utilization – Production study – Loss Time Analysis

February 6, 2023

Capacity Utilization – Production study – Loss Time Analysis


mbawankar |

IELoss time analysis

Capacity Utilization - Production study - Loss time analysis Case Study

Key Points

  • Annual production capacity calculated
  • Eliminated addition of new facility
  • Resource utilization calculated

Client's Challenge

  • Evaluate and enhance processing capacity of shot blasting & paint booth
  • Evaluate capacity with addition in facility
  • Loss time analysis for observed period

PMI's Approach

  • Identification of operations to be studied
  • Video Shooting/Observation of details for the entire day
  • Loss time & VA/NVA analysis of process(Production Study)
  • Recording loss time in loss capturing sheet
  • Work content calculation for each process
  • Capacity calculation for existing & improved system
  • Listing of improvements


  • Production capacity/Manpower requirement calculated
  • Elimination of non-value added activities & bottleneck
  • Space & capital savings on additional shot blasting & Paint booth installation
  • Template preparation for calculation of current/new product's work content

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