Resources Optimization and Capacity Analysis in Electronics Manufacturing Industry

September 8, 2023

Resources Optimization and Capacity Analysis in Electronics Manufacturing Industry


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Client Organization is the service leader in the electronic interconnect industry. It is a privately held, global supplier of interconnects, cable assemblies, and design solutions. Products include high-speed board-level interconnects, high-speed cable assemblies, optical systems, mid-board and panel optics, glass core technology, and the industry’s largest variety of board-to-board interconnects.

Key Points

  • Current Facility monthly volume can be completed in 15 days.
  • Scope to reduce machines and work only 8 hour shifts.
  • Capacity expansion of up to 3 times with current equipment.
  • Scheduling has less impact with current SKU variants.

Client’s Challenge

  • Varied Product Demands
  • Upper production limit from current facility
  • Shift patterns to be followed
  • Bottleneck areas
  • Storage between production areas
  • Batch based lead time

PMI's Approach

The study was organized in a 6-stage process:

  1. Data Verification and Static analysis
  2. Conceptualization
  3. Model Building and verification
  4. Validation
  5. Testing Scenario’s
  6. Results and Conclusion

Data Verification and Static analysis – Check data provided by client, analyse information and theoretically estimate the possible utilization and output from the system.

Conceptualization – Understand all parameters, rules and possible changes in the manufacturing system. Come up with a flexible model building method to quickly accommodate possible changes.

Model Building and Verification – Using Simulation software, build and check behaviour of model against static analysis.

Validation – Test simulation model with past performance data from facility.

Testing Scenario’s – Tweak parameters and analyse the model to bring value to current facility.

Results and Conclusion – Optimization of machines, shifts. Tabulate all scenario’s tested for client reference. 

Involvement of Associates

  • PMI – 1 Project Manager, 1 Engineer.
  • Client – 1 Project coordinators.

Static Analysis -

  • Analyze machines considering details of monthly target volume cycle time, batches and yield.
  • Summarize possible shift patterns to be tested.
  • Machines Utilization.

Machine Utilization

Finding & Recommendations

After doing analysis and evaluation following results were obtained –

  • In existing condition, monthly target is completed in 15 days.
  • Machines Utilizations studied.

Time Series - Jobs Per Day

  • We can produce up to 3 times the required volume by changing shifts.
  • Detailed tracking of lead times, WIP and batch wise information at every stage is done to get a more holistic understanding of the system.
  • Model is flexible to add more machines, change shifts and variants to quickly study all required variable parameters (Cycle times, downtimes and changeovers).

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