Predict & Reduce Traffic Congestion in Plant Premises

January 31, 2024

Predict & Reduce Traffic Congestion in Plant Premises


mbawankar |


Predict & Reduce Traffic Congestion in Plant Premises

Key Points

  • Greenfield Facility - Traffic Congestion Prediction
  • Number of Docks, Parking Space required per shop,
    with preference at the arrival gate
  • People and Canteen Shuttle schedule integration

Client's Challenge

  • To be certain that the new Facility Layout would be able to
    cater to heavy truck traffic inside the plant with the shortest lead-time
    possible and maximum truck deliveries.

PMI's Approach

  • Analysis of Data and Verification of Baseline Model
  • Deep Dive study on available parking space in Plant
  • Analysis of load/unload time at various shops
  • Sensitivity Analysis of the number of shutters at TCF
  • Analysis of in-Plant/Canteen shuttle travel time, etc.

Findings & Recommendation

  • The study showed current shift pattern can not meet the future demand
  • Devised a new shift pattern to meet a future forecast for the next 5 years
  • Identified the maximum production limit beyond which capacity expansion is required

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