Enhancing Efficiency and Quality in High-Precision Ball Bearing Manufacturing Industry

February 1, 2024

Enhancing Efficiency and Quality in High-Precision Ball Bearing Manufacturing Industry


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This case study delves into the success story of a prominent manufacturer specializing in high-precision balls, whose products are integral to critical applications across various industries worldwide. With an expansive global presence and a focus on noise-sensitive and demanding applications, the company's journey is explored through four key stages: work standard development, resource optimization, layout refinement, and lean waste analysis. This study showcases how the company's strategic initiatives not only improved operational efficiency but also bolstered product quality, ultimately reinforcing its position as a leader in precision manufacturing for Automotive, Industrial, Electrical, Medical, and Cosmetics sectors.

Key Points

  • Work standard development.
  • Optimization of resources.
  • Layout optimization and organization.
  • Elimination of systematic waste through sustainable concepts.

Client's Challenge

  • Work standard development
  • Underutilization of resources
  • Layout Modification
  • Lean wastes analysis

PMI's Approach

  • Visit to client and observation of activities and data collection (all processes as per flow)
  • Work standard development using PMTS technique
  • Production study to identify losses and operator engagement
  • Individual machine capacity and in/out buffer identification
  • Validation of observed data with client
  • Work distribution with respect to bottleneck operation
  • Manpower calculation with the help of Man Machine chart
  • Listing of improvement (i.e., layout, LCA, ergonomic)

Input Table

Operations Summary Report


After doing analysis and evaluation following results were obtained –

  1. Productivity improvement 25%
  2. Manpower Optimization @ 20%
  3. Suggestions and improvements for better working conditions


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