What is Resource Optimization?

Detailed study of all the resources used in the system i.e. Man, Machine


Study I – Warehouse Capacity Study

  • Deliverables:
    Storage capacity needed to support desired dispatch levels.
  • Determine capacity at which warehouse sub-systems(Receiving/Packing/Shipping) must function so that desired dispatch levels are achieved.


Study II – Warehouse Material Handling Study

1. Bottlenecks (if any) due to material flow traffic

2. Recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks

  • Re-routing of material flow
  • Layout changes to minimize congestion

3. Material Handling Equipment(MHE) Requirement


Study III – In-Plant Truck Traffic Study


1. Bottlenecks(if any) due to in-plant traffic in processing desired volume of trucks

2. Recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks



  • Use current resources to their maximum capacity
  • Achieve maximum output with the current resources before investing in the new resources
  • Test new strategies for the optimum use of resources without disturbing the real system


  • Every project PMI does in turn requires optimizing the resources
  • Over the years PMI has gained extensive knowledge about the different fields and has expertise to provide simple and implementable solutions to use the resources optimally

Offerings from this study

  • Simulation model with variable inputs
  • Excel file with Inputs and results
  • PPT
  • Video



Why Choose Us?


Use Case: Title



1Which work measurement technique used for Inhouse Store and Warehouse Area?
We can use various work measurement technique depending on the problem / objective, like PMTS technique, time study, production study, work sampling, past data study, etc.
2What type of warehouse sectors have you studied?
We have hands on experience in Automobile, service, pharmaceutical, food, electrical, renewable energy resources.
3Do you suggest any low-cost automation in warehouse area?
Yes, we suggest Low-cost automations with vendor contacts.
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