Utilize BIM Models to Capture your Design Intent Precisely !

Streamline your construction process and sustain your vision with PM Corp’s professional 2D to 3D CAD to BIM Conversion Services. We use BIM (building information modeling) technology to create a digital model of your building, providing an accurate and comprehensive representation of your space's design, contraction, and performance. Our pool of professionals in the BIM conversion services will help you make informed decisions with accurate data and insights about your projects, ensuring they are completed to the highest standard.


Our CAD to BIM Conversion Services Include:

CAD to BIM Services

PDF to BIM Conversion Services

Paper to BIM Conversion Services

2D and 3D CAD to BIM Services

CAD to BIM Conversion Process

Utilizing 2D to 3D CAD to BIM Conversion services is a strategic move to revolutionize your design and construction process. At PM Corp, our professionals work through a specific approach using the industry's best practices to ensure accurate results: 

  • Receive 2D predefined drawings of various disciplines from clients.
  • Experts thoroughly study the design and schedule a quick meeting to understand the client’s requirements.
  • Create an effective project route map including timeline, process, protocols, and other details.
  • Diligent design and development of a 3D BIM model for each discipline from CAD as a separate model. An integrated BIM model will be linked as a separate model.
  • Implement (the Navisworks model or other) for clash detection and quality checks.
  • Resolve all possible potential conflicts as per the client's feedback.

Advantages of 2D to 3D CAD to BIM Conversion Services

  • East detection and elimination of design defects during early stages.
  • Simple to share newly added and updated data quickly.
  • Better understanding with versatile features, enabling a smooth process.
  • Increase efficiency and speed up the project process.
  • Enabling detailed sharing of information at each stage.
  • Enhanced visualization through a comprehensive digital building model.

Benefits of 2D to 3D CAD to BIM Conversion Services

  • Facilitates communication, improving coordination and reducing errors.
  • Enables accurate cost estimation to prevent unexpected expenses.
  • Facilitate better decision-making within the project.
  • Streamlined process to improve the project's overall efficiency.

Our Expertise In

Commercial Buildings

Educational Institute

Historic Monuments

Hotels and Resorts

Residential Buildings

Train Stations & Airport


Standing at the forefront, PM Corp is your premium partner in the BIM service industry with its cutting-edge solutions! As the most trusted partner for BIM services, our in-house team works closely with you to understand your unique needs and requirements, ensuring that your vision is brought to life seamlessly and collaboratively. Our 30 years of expertise and experience in 2D to 3D CAD to BIM Conversion services extend to various industries at an economical tag and early dispatch.

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