What are Detailing on PMTS Technique and Basics 3 Day- Session?

Industrial engineering is a broad term in the competitive world and hence requires a lot of experience and knowledge to make anything work worthwhile. Nowadays employee do work on industrial engineering domain they do a lot of work unknowingly but do not know the technical side of about. Hence basics of IE and PMTS techniques awareness is required for any organization dealing with IE domain.

3 Days (@ 20-24 Hrs.) Workshop on Advanced PMTS® Technique

Day 1 – Overview of Pre-Determined Motion Time System (PMTS) Methodology 

  • Work Measurement – History & Background 
  • Types of Work Measurement systems 
  • Introduction to PMTS 
  • Work content calculation 
  • Various PMTS technique & Comparison on PMTS vs. Time study 
  • Introduction of (MODAPTS®) PMTS technique  
  • Movement class activities 

Day 2 – Basic & Advanced PMTS Technique 

  • Terminal class activities  
  • Combination of Movement & Terminal class 
  • Practice on videos for Movement & Terminal class 
  • Introduction of Auxiliary class activities 
  • Practice on videos for Auxiliary class 

Day 3 – Revision of all class & Basics of Industrial Engineering Terminologies

  • Revision of Movement, Terminal, & Auxiliary class 
  • Simultaneous activities guideline 
  • Video shooting of one workstation on shop floor (by client as per guideline) 
  • Elemental details generation of video shot activity 
  • Do’s & Don’ts of PMTS technique implementation 
  • Linking PMTS to TACT, Manpower calculation / utilization, Man-machine chart, and Line balancing 


  • Participants will get perspective of various work content estimation technique with introduction of PMTS.
  • Understanding of importance of writing down elemental details as well as its implication on overall work content.
  • At the end of session, participants will understand PMTS methodology, resource requirement calculations, line balancing, productivity concept etc.
  • Participant will be able to see opportunities of NVA reduction and methods improvement for a single activity, workstation, cell, etc.


PMI brings you the expertise for better understanding of basics of IE and PMTS Techniques by executing hands on and digital training .




Why Choose Us?


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1How you conduct the training in one day?
One day session is designed in a such a way that we cover all the necessary topics in the training along with hands on.
2Do you provide the training notes for reference?
We have ppt and training digital with us and we use it for display so that participants can note down it and take benefit from it.
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