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Why PMC?

Our People

The PMC team brings together specialists across a wide range of 3D reality capture, engineering, and IT services. Our people deliver exceptional service with fast response time, technical expertise, and long-term client commitment.

Experience You Can Trust

Our full-service, in-house team works together to meet the unique demands of each project. Working side by side, discipline leaders exchange insights to uncover new opportunities for efficiency. This rigorous collaboration enables to deliver the most complex projects.

Innovation in Action

PMC has a rich history of process and technological innovation. Today, we are known not only for skillful execution but also for our ability to build up your team’s technology capabilities. We aim to remain at the forefront of our industry and create ever-smarter solutions that help clients navigate new demands within their field.


Relocation of Historic Log Barn

Relocation of Historic Log Barn

PMI laser scanned and provided annotation 3D model of a historic log barn. Relocation of Historic Log Barn with Laser Scanning and 3D Revit Annotation Modeling  by Carrie Van Loon PMI provided scanning and modeling services for a Dallas area historic log barn. The...

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