Automotive Facility Study (Body Shop)

February 3, 2023

Automotive Facility Study (Body Shop)


mbawankar |

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY\Design (Process Flow) validation

Process Flow Design Validation - Body Shop

Key Points

  • Identification of potential bottlenecks in
    proposed process flow
  • Redesigning of process flow to alleviate

Client's Challenge

  • The body shop plans to introduce new model C while
    producing existing models A,B
  • Each body type requires its own special pallet type
  • the proposed empty pallet release process flow to:
    1. Ensure pallets are released efficiently in production
    sequence while maintaing current production levels
    2. Minimize empty pallet set-asides

PMI's Approach

  • Analysis of Data and Verification of Baseline Model
  • Identification of bottleneck by measuring pallet set asides in return loop section

Findings & Recommendation

  • Proposed process flow was ineffective because:
  • Facility has to manually “set-aside” excess B type pallets to
    alleviate blockage(see Fig. 1)
  • Revised the process flow in pallet return loop to minimize
    manual set-asides(see Fig. 2)
  • Cost effective solution - 25% savings in buffer space while
    maintaining current production
  • Revised process flow found to be able to handle up-to 20%
    variation in product mix(see Fig. 3)
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